How can you help ?

How You Can Help
There are three significant ways you can become personally involved with F.A.C.E. and the work in west Africa: prayer, giving, and physical involvement.
 Prayer Seek to learn more about this mission and pray for it. God tells us in James 5 that fervent prayer can accomplish much.
Giving What began as a relatively humble effort has now, in its magnitude, become a “think big” project. Consequently, large sums of money are needed to sustain the work and ensure its growth.
How You Can Give:
• Sponsor a student in training
• Donate to transportation needs
• Help provide funds to erect worship facilities for new churches
• Help provide funds for BTC operations
• Give to the mission fund of your local church
• Make a contribution in memory of or in honor of an individual
• Include the African mission in your will or estate
• Become a part of the Benin 20 Group – individuals that regularly give $20 per month.
Four people who give $20 per month for one year can provide a facility for a new church.
 Physical involvement
F.A.C.E. needs people who will travel to Benin to encourage the students and the brethren and take part in the effort of spreading the Good News in French West Africa. F.A.C.E. also needs dedicated people to seek out new churches and individuals here in the United States who will help sustain and grow this project. Finally, F.A.C.E. has a vision – a vision that involves expanding into healthcare, vocational training, and youth activities – and people are needed who can provide leadership for that vision.
Contact Ed Jones, F.A.C.E. Executive Director, at with your
commitment, ideas, and strategies.
Send your contribution to F.A.C.E., P.O. Box 454, Benton, KY 42025, or contact us to help set up an automatic withdrawal.

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